Review: College of the Opera

(UPDATE: A new version of this subclass was posted and is much better balanced) In Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, Bards are one of the best rounded classes and rightfully so. Whether going into the class as a purist or dipping for a multiclass, they can add a lot of flair and robustness to a … Continue reading Review: College of the Opera

Review: Book of Uncommon Ancestry

It is no secret that I am a fan of Sterling Vermin Adventuring Co. and their main proponent Benjamin Huffman. His Pugilist class has been a favorite in my games and their latest release of that class, along with source book, have been used multiple times over. So when I got wind of his new Book … Continue reading Review: Book of Uncommon Ancestry

Review: Dragon-Slayer RPG Wand by Hrothgar’s Hoard

While the imagination is strong and the most valuable tool to role-playing games, visual aids can often help on many fronts. They can help make sure players get a consistent vision of a non-player character, help with directions on maps, or even help bring a bit of flavor and flash to someone's character. My Dungeons … Continue reading Review: Dragon-Slayer RPG Wand by Hrothgar’s Hoard

Magic Item Monday: Lusjid, Chewing Leaf

Drugs in Dungeons & Dragons can be a bit controversial. But one element that has been prevalent in my current campaign is the diversity of goods consumed by different societies and how those goods affect their culture. In addition, this ties into a major element of some of my player's characters motivations, namely mercantilism. But … Continue reading Magic Item Monday: Lusjid, Chewing Leaf

Review: Dungeon Master’s Screen Round-Up

Outside of dice, the Dungeon Master's Screen is the most iconic and visible pieces on a game table. It towers over the table, hides documents and secrets, it is the physical representation of the separation of the Players and the Dungeon Master. There are many forms it takes: taped together 3-ring binders, stood up opened … Continue reading Review: Dungeon Master’s Screen Round-Up