House Rules for the Skull & the Eye 2020

My home game of Dungeons & Dragons just surpassed session 51 of our campaign (about 6- 8 hours a session), The Skull & the Eye. Part of this campaign was honing in on what house rules we wanted to play with to make the game fun and interesting, while having elements that made the game feel … Continue reading House Rules for the Skull & the Eye 2020

Reexamining & Revising Damage Resistance in 5e

Sorry it has been a while, but life has been a bit wild. During the last few months I have taken to reconsidering a few elements of Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. While I have listed and explained the house rules we use in my home game, these have evolved a bit and some have … Continue reading Reexamining & Revising Damage Resistance in 5e

Review: Uncaged Volume 1

Twitter is a constant convention. Conventions are places for those with similar interests to come together, trade on-goings, and spawn new ideas and possible projects. The Dungeons & Dragons base is not exempt from this as Ashley Warren has shown with her D&D fifth edition module anthology project, Uncaged.  Stemming from an idea about "mythology-themed one-shot … Continue reading Review: Uncaged Volume 1