John Bultena, rocking out & living it up at Psycho Las Vegas 2017.

This blog seeks to share and chronicle my experiences with D&D and all the things surrounding that in my life. Everything (almost) is written by me, John Bultena, with members of my gaming group contributing on occasion. I work as a continuing lecturer in the Merritt Writing Program at the University of California Merced and a librarian for Merced College. My D&D writing collective is Cauldron & Tower. I have been playing Dungeons & Dragons since 1990. Also, I am an avid vinyl collector.

Blue Dragon Ampersand tattoo by Laney Oleniczak.

The name OnlyPlayWizards stems from a conversation with a friend about how I judge role-playing and video games: I only play a wizard first, if I do not like it, I am suspicious of the rest of the game.

The Green Devil Face from the original Tomb of Horrors as tattooed on my leg by Heather Bailey.

TLDR; UC Merced writing lecturer, music lover, gamer, comic reader, and person.


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